Mountain Film and Book Festival - Regent Theatre, 14th September, 6.30pm, 7pm screening



WHS Presents: Bye Bye Birdie -  7.00pm, 19th - 22nd September,  Matinee 1pm 22nd September, Hokitika's Regent Theatre



Pluck - Concert Harp and the Blue Celtic Harp - Old Lodge Theatre, 7.30pm, 26th September 2018



Nostalgia Night - Westland Industrial Heritage Park - Hokitika Regent Theatre , 6.30pm , 29th September 2018



'Maungatapu'  by Justine Eade  - Hokitika's Regent Theatre, 7.30pm, 26th October



Laura Collins and the Back Porch Blues Band - 10th November 2018, Old Lodge Theatre



The Tattletale Saints - 18th December, Old Lodge Theatre




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Mountain Film and Book Festival

Regent Theatre,

14th September, 6.30pm, 7pm screening



It's that time again! Another year another great batch of outdoor action. Touring best of the New Zealand Mountain Film Festival brought to you byThe West Coast Alpine Club, this is a must-see. Get on down to Hokitika's Regent Theatre & Cafe to grab ticket - save $ if you book ahead!


There will be a bar and the cafe will be offering delicious tarts.


Tickets $20 in advance, $25 on the door., available at the Regent or ONLINE


Show your WCAC badge; NZAC or FMC card; or student ID for a $5 discount.


Westland High School 




Bye Bye Birdie


7.00pm, 19th - 22nd September, 

Matinee 1pm, 22nd September,

Hokitika's Regent Theatre



Rock star Conrad Birdie is the biggest thing to top the charts.

Women love him, men want to be him and teenage girls around the country scream with glee at the mere mention of his name. But when the United States Army drafts Birdie, manager Albert Peterson sees his meal ticket preparing to fly the coop (much to the delight of longtime love Rose Alvarez, who can’t wait for Albert to ditch the music biz and become something respectable, like an English teacher).

Desperate for a publicity stunt big enough to help them survive Birdie’s departure, Albert and Rose hatch a plan: send Conrad to small-town America to plant his goodbye kiss on one lucky fan for the entire world to see. Their selection of super fan Kim Macafee sends the wholesome enclave of Sweet Apple, Ohio into chaos. Kim’s boyfriend, Hugo, can’t take the humiliation of his lady love’s televised lip-lock. Rose can’t take another minute of Albert’s distracted ways. And Sweet Apple can’t take its teens' riotous rebellion, inspired by the arrival of bad-boy Birdie. Will Sweet Apple ever be the same?


Tickets from the Hokitika's Regent Theatre





Helen Webby’s  AOTNZ tour

Concert Harp and Blue Celtic Harp


7.30pm, 26th September



Helen loves to take her harp out of the orchestra and on the road where she can share the music and stories related to this magical musical instrument.


On her latest AOTNZ tour she’ll be showcasing the Celtic music of Wales, Ireland and Scotland, along with some glorious Baroque music by J.S. Bach, and then on to Paris and La Belle Epoche with the music of Claude Debussy and Gabriel Faure.


The first half of programme is a mini history of the pedal harp, with pieces chosen to show the development of the double action pedal harp, invented by Frenchman Sebastien Erard.


The second half showcases the Blue Carbonfibre Celtic harp, with music from Brittany, Scotland and Ireland. As well, the Concert harp is plugged in for some jazz surprises – ‘Duke’, inspired by Duke Ellington, and Mozart’s ‘Alla Turca Jazz’.


Helen is also looking forward to playing music written for her solo CD  ‘Pluck’ by New Zealand film composer Mark Smythe, nominated for Best Classical CD in the 2013 Music awards, and made into a DVD film ‘Harps Make Fine Companions’, screened by Television New Zealand.


Her programme includes a couple of surprises –a recently discovered harp composition by the father of NZ classical music, Douglas Lilburn, and ‘Blue Smoke’ by Ruru Karaitiana, the first piece of recorded New Zealand music.


Helen plays the Concert Grand, made out of South Island red beech by her brother, well known harp maker Kim Webby, and the Blue carbon fibre Celtic harp, made by luthier Davy Stuart.


Helen Webby



Born in Whangarei, Helen’s passion for the harp began at the age of 12 when her older brother Kim built her an instrument. She studied Concert Harp in Auckland, Holland and Germany and in 1996 completed her master’s degree from the Hochschule for Music in Hamburg. Since 2000, Helen has been Principal Harp with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra and also plays with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra as well as other orchestras. She premiered New Zealand works at the  2006 American Harp Society Convention and also tours with Chamber Music New Zealand.

 Westland Industrial Heritage Park presents:


"Nostalgia Night"


Hokitika Regent Theatre  


6.30pm , 29th September 2018



The Nostalgia Night is being organized by the Westland Industrial Heritage Park and assisted by the Hokitika Lions Club and Hokitika/Westland RSA as a fundraiser for the restoration of the very rare 1914 WW1 Sunbeam Rover Ambulance.   The timing of the restoration project is significant because this year commemorates the end of the World War 1 – 1918 (the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month).



With the assistance of the community and especially Clarrie Reid we have gathered together a collection of Video’s/Movies/DVD’s featuring local events and people of yesteryear, some of whom are not with us anymore.



If you want to have a fun night and enjoy memories of yesteryear, come along to the Hokitika Regent Theatre at 6.30pm on 29th September 2018.


Tickets available from Hokitikas Regents Theatre or ONLINE



by Justin Eade 



7.30pm, 26th October

Hokitika's Regent Theatre

“In 1866, the ‘Burgess/Kelly Gang’ murdered five men on the Maungatapu track, near Nelson, in New Zealand’s most infamous case of bush-ranging. The gang’s subsequent arrest, trial and hangings set the whole colony aflame with a mixture of morbid curiousity and righteous indignation.

From their time in Otago Gaol, to their escapades in Hokitika, Greymouth, Westport, and then travelling to Nelson…
this play examines the relationships between gang members Burgess, Kelly, Levy and Sullivan as they plot and carry  out the murders, are arrested, tried, then executed. From Burgess’ remarkable death row ‘confession’, to Sullivan’s betrayal of the others in return for a pardon, to Levy’s possible innocence, and Kelly’s emotional execution histrionics, everything about this remarkable tale was inherently dramatic. Murder, mayhem, love, loyalty, betrayal, honour, comradeship, justice and injustice… this story has it all.”

‘Maungatapu’ had its World Premiere at the Nelson Arts Festival in October 2017, and form there undertook a sold
out regional tour of the Top of the South region to audience acclaim. It is written by Justin Eade, directed by Giles
Burton, and stars Nick Kemplen, Cameron West, Daniel Allan and Pete Coates.



“Four strong experienced actors – each being the others equal and perfectly cast, held our interest from the opening moment onwards.” JANET WHITTINGTON, NELSON MAIL


"Simple, powerful, provocative." TRISH SULLIVAN, ECHOES FROM THE WINGS


“Top marks to the actors. With the haunting continuity music, evocative lighting and seamless scene changes we are not left hanging … unlike the murderers. The audience are appreciative and impressed.” JUDY POWLEY,


Check out:



Tickets $25.00 from the Hokitika Regent Theatre or ONLINE



Laura Collins and the Back Porch Blues Band 


Old Lodge Theatre

8.00pm, Saturday 10th November




Wellington based Laura Collins and the Back Porch Blues Band are heading to play The Old Lodge Theatre, Hokitika on Saturday 10thNovember. They’ll be loving the blues ‘live’ as always.


This band are dynamic, masterful and all about entertainment. 


Laura, who is up front from the very start, with high energy, cheek and vocal strength leads and celebrates her band – and gives them licence to shine. And shine they do, with Wayne Mason, master of boogie ‘burning it up’ on the keys and adding his iconic voice to the vocal mix. Wayne Mason well-known singer songwriter, also one hell of a fine boogie piano player ‘firing it up’ on their behalf. Think Fats Domino, think Dr John, think Professor Longhair and you’ll be in the right honky tonk. 


John O’Connor will be ‘eating it up’ on lead guitar, never self-indulgent – just soulful and astonishing. He’s played with everyone along the way, from BB King to Kiri Te Kanawa.


The rhythm section brings a warm acoustic volume with George Barris on tasty upright bass and Peter Cogswell on the ‘back porch’ drums proving that you don’t need to be loud to groove.


Expect to hear a little Fats Domino, Beth Hart, Bonnie Raitt, Nina Simone, John Lee Hooker, some of Laura’s own and others she can put her stamp on, all with their roots in the blues. Laura says "Blues comes straight from the heart and that’s just how I like it, it’s accessible, joyful, heart full music and not only that it makes me want to move – what’s not to like?”


This band is a combination of ‘old hands’ who have been making music a long time, absolutely revelling in the playing.  A night out with Laura Collins and the Back Porch Blues Band is a joyful celebration of why we would ‘keep the music live’.


Laura Collins and the Back Porch Blues Band play the The Old Lodge Theatre, Saturday 10thNovember, 2018, show from 8.00pm, tickets $20. Tickets from Hokitika's Regent Theatre or online HERE.



The Tattletale Saints


Old Lodge Theatre

7.30pm, 18th December


December 2018 sees Auckland born, Nashville based Tattletale Saints return home, performing 13 intimate acoustic duo concerts around the country in support of the release of two new singles.


This tour marks a return to the acoustic duo sound that first introduced the Saints’ music to New Zealand audiences in 2012, earning them the Tui for Folk Album of The Year in 2014.


Cy Winstanley (guitar/vocals and APRA Silver Scroll nominee) and Vanessa McGowan (bass/vocals) have been based Stateside for the last 5 years, living and working alongside Nashville’s best. This time in Music City USA has brought a new depth of artistry and polish to their performances and songwriting.


Audiences can look forward to a mix of old and new songs, along with the band’s takes on classic country, pop and American songbook hits.


“..elements of folk, good old Appalachia style music, and a splash of country...well-written songs with stirring vocals.” No Depression Magazine




Saturday 1st - Whangarei

Sunday 2nd - Whangateau

Wednesday 5th - Tauranga

Thursday 6th - Te Pahu

Friday 7th - Whanganui

Saturday 8th - Wellington

Sunday 9th - Nelson

Tuesday 11th - Hokitika

Wednesday 12th - Okarito

Friday 14th - Wanaka

Sunday 16th - Christchurch

Tuesday 18th - Wairoa

Thursday 20th - Auckland

Tickets from the Hokitika Regent Theatre or ONLINE